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Hawaii is not as big as Japan, but there are seasons.It is raining a lot, it is a bit chilly, a winter where big waves reach Oahu’s North Shore etc.
As winter became loose, the warm days gradually increased, the big waves of the north shore faded out and became smaller,
A day to feel the summer’s sunlight little by little from around April, and many flowers, including plumeria, begin to bloom from around May, and Hawaii becomes rich in color at once.


The swell reaches the south side called Waikiki’s “town”.
The surfer are feeling the summer’s visit when this South swell arrives,
There will be a comfortable day dry from there until November. Rain like the shower which occasionally fell shower, encourages the growth of trees, the beauty of nature changing every day is as if nature preserves the image of Hawaii.


It is said that recent abnormal weather has an effect on Hawaii. A hurricane that did not come so much until now visits like every week, there are also seasonal cold weather.
It is called Hawaii of paradise, but it is also fact that weather is often felt at a different timing than before.
To slow down abnormal weather even a little, in order to improve it, to direct each consciousness to”NATURE”. Consideration to the environment Want to have consciousness wherever you are.

Hawaii is getting hotter in the summer, the flowers will continue to bloom beautifully, rainbows will be seen many more.
I hope this beauty can continue.
With myself who can continue to have aloha feelings wherever you are.

much aloha.